Mat Koi Bharam Bhule Sansaar

This book presents a brief treatment of how we misunderstand the Master and the path by indulging in superstition and a lack of clear thinking. In the process, we distance ourselves from the Truth that the Master teaches, and mistake the physical master for the inner Master – the Shabd. We often rely on outward devotion, but the path of the masters is an individual mystical path, based on personal inner experience, not on our concepts. The author urges us to examine our approach to the path and use our common sense in taking practical steps to living in reality rather than illusion. She illustrates her points with quotations from various sources.

English: Concepts & Illusions
Author: Sabina Oberoi
Category: RSSB tradition: Other Authors
Format: Paperback, 224 Pages
Edition: 1st, 2016
ISBN: 978-93-86866-18-9
RSSB: PB-252-0

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