Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What countries do you ship to?
We ship to every country except India.
For book orders within India please visit: RSSB Online Book Store for India.

Is shipping extra?
Shipping is included on all orders.

Shipping Books to Someone Else
If you are ordering books but shipping to someone other than yourself at a different address, then to ensure proper delivery the contact phone number of the shipping address is required by the delivery services. Please send a separate email to: [email protected] and provide the FIRST & LAST NAME and PHONE NUMBER at the shipping address, after you have placed your order from the book store.

In case customers having a PayPal account wish to send books to a shipping address other than the one registered in their account, they may add the intended address by using the “Change/Add Shipping Address” feature of the PayPal site and then select this address before confirming the order.

Customers who do not have a PayPal account may please uncheck the checkbox which says "Shipping same as billing address" to reveal the space for entering the intended shipping address.

The customer will be responsible for any loss if the intended shipping address is not entered as mentioned above.

Possible Additional Fees
When you receive your order, you may need to pay additional duties or fees which are determined by your country concerning the importing of books. These are based on your local laws which we have no control over.

Therefore, we recommend before placing your order you should inquire in advance if extra import duties/fees will apply in your country.

Responsibility of the Customer
If an order is shipped by us but is returned back to us by the courier company or postal authorities due to any of the reasons listed below, the customer will be responsible to pay the return shipping charges:

We will ship up to FOUR copies per book per address. We do not sell to booksellers or businesses.

Sales Tax
We collect state, country and municipality sales tax on orders shipped to these USA states: California, Illinois, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia.

How do I find books?
Tap the Book Store Home link (at the top of each page), then tap the Language link at the bottom of the home page. Browse all books in that language or enter the book's title, author, or category into the search box (at the top of the page). Tap the book's title or cover for the order page.

Right to Cancel
You may cancel all or part of your order prior to shipping. Please email [email protected]. We will refund cancelled books within a week. Please place another order to add books.

Return Policy
If your order has already been shipped, you still have the option of returning your order within two weeks of receiving it. After we receive the books, we will issue a full refund of your purchase price within five business days. Credit cannot be given for return shipping expenses. Please return to: Science of the Soul Research Centre, BAV Distribution Centre, 5 Guru Ravi Dass Marg, Pusa Road, New Delhi, 110 005 INDIA

Will you let me know when you have shipped my books?
Yes, we will email you after shipping your books.

Who do I contact about problems?
In case your order is not received, or if there is a problem with your order, please email within 3 days of receiving your order to: [email protected].

Mode of Payment

We only accept online payment. Simply click the Add to Cart button on each book's page. When you are done, click PayPal Check Out to pay with PayPal, your bank account or debit card. Or click Check Out (below) to pay by credit card with no PayPal account required. We don't accept orders by phone or mail.

Will I get a receipt?
Yes, PayPal will email you a receipt.

Credit Card Security

All credit card information is encrypted and transmitted to PayPal. We don't see credit card numbers.

Data Protection
We do not store credit card information. Privacy is a very serious matter for us. It is true that in order to process your order request, we must know basic contact information such as your name, address, email address. All required information is kept internally and is never shared with third parties. You are entitled to receive information and to amend, block and delete your stored data. Please email [email protected].