Kamil Darvesh Shah Latif

Shah Latif was a great sufi saint who lived in Sindh from 1689 to 1752. His teachings laid emphasis on the need for a living Master. They also dealt with the four stages one has to go through for the ultimate union with the Lord: Shari’at (rules that guide the external ), Tariqat (code for higher conduct and morality), M’arfat (process for communion with God), and Haqiqat (merging in Truth and attaining God-realization). This book deals with Shah Latif’s teachings and his poetry, and conveys the profound nature of the spiritual truths he imparted through his folk tales.

Author: Dr. T. R. Shangari
Category: Mystic Tradition
Format: Paperback, 548 Pages
Edition: 1st. 2009
ISBN: 978-81-8466-103-3
RSSB: SI-218-0

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