The Teachings of Goswami Tulsidas

Goswami Tulsidas was an eminent Saint, poet and devotee whose famous work, the Ram-Charit-Manas, is considered one of the most distinguished works of Indian literature. In the sixteenth century, Tulsidas wrote in Hindi rather than Sanskrit and made accessible the same message of truth, devotion and God realization that all true saints convey. The Teachings of Goswami Tulsidas an enriched version of the original Hindi title Nam Bhakti: Goswami Tulsidas first published by RSSB in 1989, presents his life and teachings followed by poetry selections from several of his works.

Author: Dr. Kashi Nath Upadhyaya
Category: Mystic Tradition
Format: Hardcover, 480 Pages
Edition: 1st. 2008
ISBN: 978-81-8256-776-4
RSSB: EN-013-0

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