Ruhani Diary (2 - Vol Set)

The author served as secretary to three Masters, from 1942 to 1956. A new translation of these three volumes was done in 2018 which includes all the entries from the Hindi version of his personal diaries, written during his years of service. (The original was only extracts.) It gives details of Maharaj Sawan Singh’s discourses and travels and recounts the death of Maharaj Sawan Singh and installation of Maharaj Jagat Singh as Master. It records the mastership of Maharaj Jagat Singh and the first five years of Maharaj Charan Singh’s mastership. These diaries contain a faithful record of daily events, unusual incidents, highlights of discourses, and the Masters' discussions with seekers, as well as letters from disciples concerning their spiritual experiences. These volumes give an intimate view of the Masters' grace, love, and compassion.

English: With the Three Masters (Set of 3 Vols)
Author: Rai Sahib Munshi Ram
Category: RSSB tradition: Other Authors
Format: Paperback, 1312 Pages
Edition: 2nd, 2016
ISBN: 978-81-8466-480-5/978-81-8466-519-2
RSSB: GJ-020-S

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