A masterpiece of Guru Arjun Dev, Sukhmani, literally means "the jewel of bliss". It stirs the depths of spiritual desire within us and inspires us to meditate on the holy Nam. It expounds that just as a drop blends with the ocean, the light of the soul, through meditation on Nam by following the teachings of the true Guru, merges into God's radiance. One becomes liberated while still living in the human body and attains the goal of human life - eternal peace and bliss. This book, containing an extensive elaboration on Sukhmani, will provoke the reader to dive deep into the ocean of spirituality to comprehend the profound treasures contained in it.

Author: Dr. T. R. Shangari
Category: Mysticism in World Religions
Format: Paperback, 336 Pages
Edition: 1st. 2011
ISBN: 978-81-8256-970-6
RSSB: HI-234-0

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