Spiritual Perspectives (Set of 3 Vols)

For almost 40 years, Maharaj Charan Singh held question and answer sessions with his foreign disciples, discussing all subjects relating to the spiritual teachings of the masters. This collection includes almost 2,000 of these Q&As organized according to subject and presented in three volumes: (I) Understanding the Basics, (II) Walking the Path, and (III) Living the Life. The collection also includes most of the Q&As previously published in The Master Answers and Thus Saith the Master. Topics include karma and reincarnation, free will, soul and Lord; need for a master; relationship of master and disciple; initiation and the four vows; meditation; effort and grace; positive attitude; living the Sant Mat way of life; and the practical questions of everyday life.

Author: Maharaj Charan Singh
Category: RSSB tradition: The Masters
Format: Hardcover, 1576 Pages
Edition: 1st. 2010
ISBN: 978-81-8466-265-8,266-5,267-2
RSSB: EN-230-S

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