Cocina Vegetariana

Este libro es una amplia recopilación de recetas, sabores y aromas de la exquisita variedad que presenta la cocina vegetariana latinoamericana. Aquí encontrará una auténtica cocina tradicional, moderna, entretenida pero ante todo una forma de alimentarse que contribuirá a la economía familiar, a la buena nutrición y salud de la familia.

This book is a comprehensive compilation of recipes featuring the exquisite variety of flavors and aromas from the Latin American vegetarian cuisine. Here you will find a genuine traditional cuisine, modern and entertaining, but above all a way of eating well which will contribute to a good nutrition, family health and household economy.

English: Vegetarian cuisine
Category: Vegetarian Cookbooks
Format: Paperback, 172 Pages
Edition: 1st. 2011
ISBN: 978-93-80077-10-9
RSSB: SP-232-0

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