Sant Mat Vichar

This book, written by two learned scholars, Dr. T.R.Shangari and Dr. K.S.Khak, attempts to answer several questions related to Sant Mat. Several concepts have been explained on the basis of the teachings of many mystics of the past such as Namdev, Tulsi Sahib, Paltu Sahib,the Sikh Gurus, Soami Ji Maharaj among others. This book was originally written in Punjabi and has subsequently been translated into Hindi, Sindhi and other languages.

Author: Dr. T. R. Shangari, Dr. Kirpal Singh Khak
Category: RSSB Tradition: Other Authors
Format: Paperback, 496 Pages
Edition: 3rd, 1995
ISBN: 978-81-8466-529-1
RSSB: PB-026-0

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