Baavan Akhri, Patti aur Dakhani Oankar

Baavan Akhri, Patti and Dakhani Oankar are banis from the Adi Granth. They are based on the letters of Devnagri and Gurmukhi script. Poetry in this style was a tradition of the time and many other Saints have written poetry on these lines. Baavan Akhri is Guru Arjan Dev’s composition. It contains fifty five slokas emphasizing the paramount importance of the Guru through whom God realization is possible. In his banis Patti and Dakhani Oankar, Guru Nanak explains many philosophical and spiritual aspects of his teachings. He praises the one Lord and lays stress on becoming one with him by the Guru’s grace and meditation on Nam.

Author: T. R. Shangari
Category: Mysticism in World Religions
Format: Paperback, 288 Pages
Edition: 1st, 2018
ISBN: 978-93-86866-55-4
RSSB: HI-264-0

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