Sheikh Fakhreddin Eraqi

Rendered in flowing and simple English, these poems of the 13th century Persian Sufi poet, Fakhreddin Eraqi, give voice to the soul’s longing for oneness with the Beloved. They express vividly the anguish of knowing that the only obstacle blocking this oneness is one’s own ego. Full of fire, Eraqi’s poetry is greatly appreciated by Persian-speaking cultures in Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and the Indian subcontinent. His writings have influenced great poet-mystics such as Ha’fez and Jami. The recurring theme in his poetry is the lover’s perception of the Beloved being everywhere and in everything. As Eraqi says: One who can truly see, beholds none other than Your face on every rose petal of every rose.

Author: Vraje Abramian
Category: Mystic Tradition
Format: Paperback, 120 Pages
Edition: 1st, 2023
ISBN: 978-81-19078-66-0
RSSB: EN-294-0

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