Awareness of the Divine

Life is a mystery, and any purpose it may have, not immediately obvious. Yet throughout human history, there have been those blessed by moments of revelation, glimpses of a higher reality that have given focus and greater meaning to existence, experiences that seem to demonstrate the presence of a caring and all-encompassing divine Being or Reality. Awareness of the Divine explores the nature of these spontaneous and unexpected experiences, going on to show that they can be developed into a more continuous and enduring state of consciousness by means of practices that enable ordinary human beings to experience something of that higher reality for themselves. This is illustrated by selections from a wide range of literature, many from Western sources.

Author: John Davidson
Category: RSSB Tradition: Other Authors
Format: Hardcover, 216 Pages
Edition: 1st, 2020
ISBN: 978-93-80077-64-2
RSSB: EN-277-0

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