Basic Principles of Sant Mat (Set of 3 Vols)

Basic Principles of Sant Mat (translation of Santmat Sidhant) is a revised version of  Gurmat Sidhant: 84 Vishyonwala (84 Topics), originally published around one hundred years ago. Maharaj Sawan Singh, lovingly known as the Great Master, explains the esoteric secrets of spirituality and the principles of Sant Mat in a simple manner, often by quoting from scriptures written in Persian, and Punjabi – including the Adi Granth. In 2003 Dr. T.R. Shangari added additional topics and verses from several other scriptures.

Author: RSSB
Category: RSSB Tradition: Other Authors
Format: Hardcover, 1264 Pages
Edition: 1st, 2021
ISBN: 978-81-961242-5-0, 978- 81-961242-4-3, 978-81-961242-3-6
RSSB: EN-214-S

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