Kabir: The Weaver of God's Name

This book is an exhaustive treatment of Kabir, the well-known fifteenth-century saint who lived in Banares, India, and was a weaver. Kabir boldly denounced the orthodox Hindu and Muslim ritual practices of his day, and consequently experienced harassment by the priestly classes. The poems have a sharp poignancy and directness and speak eloquently of the need for true inner worship of God through meditation on the Name, rather than by going to temples and performing rituals. Kabir stressed the necessity and benefit of the living Guru, the importance of conquering the mind and its perversions, and other fundamental mystic principles. Almost 200 poems and 64 groups of couplets are included in this volume.

Author: Virendra Kumar Sethi
Category: Mystic Tradition
Format: Hardcover, 768 Pages
Edition: 3rd, 1998
ISBN: 978-93-19078-29-5
RSSB: EN-049-0

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